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Good financial software is vital to any business. Whether you are a local flower shop or a multi-million dollar real estate developer, staying on top of your numbers will make the difference between a good year and an excellent year. Some of the key features of current financial software:

– Track your income and expenses by job, customer, vendor, expense type etc.
– Make monthly budgets and see how the budgets match with actual data
– Help stay on top of things with reminders and a business calendar of when things are due, what expenses are coming up, and what yours and your employees time and money has gone to over the last period
– Stay on top of collections with built in automated letters, statements, and credit applications
– Import and export data to and from excel

The beauty of current financial software is that they are very user friendly; you don’t need to be an accountant to use them. However, like any tool, proper setup and training is necessary. Ensuring that everything is setup in the correct manner will not only save you time as you go along with your business, but will prevent costly mistakes down the road.

Hands On QuickBooks Training & Seminars

Our dedicated and knowledgeable instructors will help assist you in learning how to setup and operate popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Simply Accounting. Experienced instructors will work with you in our hands-on training seminars by using real-world business scenarios and transactions that will allow you to begin using your new skills immediately. Our classes are custom made to suit the small business individual; we start from the basics such as creating a database and truly understanding reports and the chart of accounts, to creating advanced financial reports, processing payroll, and other advanced features such as classes, online banking and creating customized templates. Our classes are small and instructors are always ready to help you and answer your questions. We provide access to computers for the training and a QuickBooks reference guide, as well as a support number for other issues down the road.

Give us a call to find out more information on how we can help train you or your staff, or for pricing enquiries. Group discounts are available as well.


Rashid M Rashid
"Amazing service was very satisfied with with their work, I highly recommend."
Rashid M Rashid Facebook
Dr. Christian Guenette,Owner, Back2Health Chiropractic Clinic
"I cannot say enough good things about this accounting company... completely changed my attitude towards book-keeping and my outlook on my taxes... I no longer dread the tax season coming... If you have any questions about what you should do to save more money on your tax bill, or how you can be more organized to make the tax season less stressful, don't delay - get Azim Dahya & Company on your side!"
Dr. Christian Guenette,Owner, Back2Health Chiropractic Clinic Yelp
Christopher Langmuir
"Azim was great as the external accountant for our firm. He took an active and engaged part of our books, and improving their structure year after year. With his and his firm's guidance and support, we (a medium sized construction firm) were able to go from merely doing year-end reports to generating our own quarterly reports in house and generally improve our accounting practices all around."
Christopher Langmuir Linkedin

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